The “Vall del Corb”

The Vall del Corb comprises a score of towns in the regions of Urgell and Conca de Barberà, and owes its name to the river that crosses the valley among olive trees, orchards, vineyards, almond trees and sown fields.

The Corb river rises in the town of Rauric and travels through the towns and municipalities of the territory of Lleida until reaching the Segre River.

In spring it is ideal to enjoy a flowery and full of life landscape, when the poppies and roses bloom, the almond trees show all their splendor, the greenery of the wheat fields that blow with the wind, the arrival of the marinade of the late … time stops, and our senses are impregnated with the smells and sensations that the valley gives us.

Walking through La Vall del Corb is a real pleasure. Get lost in the narrow and steep streets of Guimerà, Nalec, Omells de na Gaia or Rocafort de Vallbona, discovering the history and the memories that buildings and houses still have.

Enjoy the magnificent landscape offered by the highest spaces, such as the Sanctuary of La Bovera de Guimerà or the Sanctuary of Tallat de Rocallaura, from where you can see a wonderful panoramic view of the Cistercian territory.
The Vall del Corb is part of the Cistercian Route and has witnessed the passing of time, the transformation of the landscape, history and its inhabitants.
The Catalan Way of St. James also crosses the valley for some towns such as Bellpuig, Belianes, Maldà or Sant Martí de Maldà.

Travel in the Middle Ages to know how the knights, the men or the countesses lived the castles of Ciutadilla, Guimerà, Verdú or Sta. Coloma de Queralt.

Savor the gastronomic products of the area. Olive oil with Protected Designation of Origin Les Garrigues, wines with DO Costers del Segre and Conca de Barberà and accompany a good meal with home-made sausages and cheeses, nuts or farmhouse bread baked in a wood-fired oven. . A pleasure for the senses.

Enjoy the festival, tradition and popular culture in the fairs and activities that take place in the valley, the Bellpuig Dolores Festival, the Ciutadilla Medieval Recreation Groups Encounter, the Cádiz Festival and the Verdú Pottery or the Medieval Market of Guimerà.

The Vall del Corb offers visitors a wide range of possibilities to have a good time and enjoy the landscape, culture, art and tradition. The visitor who arrives will discover a quiet, authentic and unique space, where you will find yourself at home.

  • Vallfogona de Riucorb: SPA
  • The “Ruta del Císter”
  • The Vall del Corb
  • Cellars of the Conca of Barberà
  • Guimerà: Medieval Market (August)
  • Guided tour of the Museum and the medieval town of Guimerà.
  • Verdú: Harvest Festival. Black ceramic
  • Tàrrega: Firacoc, Fira del Teatre al carrer.
  • Passanant: Major Fest. Slaughter of the Pig.
  • Sarral: Alabaster craft.
  • Montblanc: Medieval week of Sant Jordi (April).
  • Agramunt: Fira del Turró i del Xocolata a la pedra.
  • Espai Guinovart.
  • Bellpuig: Golf Pitch & Putt (Bellpuig).
  • Belianes: Oil Fest.
  • El Mirador de Forés,
  • Weekly markets: Tàrrega Monday, Bellpuig Tuesday.